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Genesis versus Coravin – How do You Preserve Your Wine?

IMG_3170 SmallNapa Technology, makers of the WineStation®, launched their single bottle commercial (Genesis Pro) and residental (Genesis) wine preservation systems for both still and sparkling wine at Raymond Vineyards last night.

Either Genesis system dispenses preserved wine an ounce or glass at a time to allow tasting or service without consuming (or wasting) the remainder of the bottle. Since both Genesis systems come with multiple IntelliCorks (10 commercial or 3 residental) multiple varietals can be opened at any time and stored outside the machine.

Napa Technology presented a champagne that had been open 4 days and red and white still wines that were opened on October 17, 2014 (10 days).  All of the wines tasted fresh, but I had not tried a recently opened bottle of the varietals, so I was unable to tell any changes in the wine.  I would have preferred a newly opened as well as a 30 day bottle for comparative purposes.

Genesis Champagne

The obvious advantages over a Coravin Wine Access system (which I have been happily using for almost a year) are the Genesis system will work on any type of closure (screw top, natural cork or synthetic).  Additionally, the Genesis system works on champagne / sparkling wine as well as still wine.

Sparkling wine is advertised to last for up to 5 days and still wine for 1-60 days.  The Genesis system gives commercial facilities the ability to serve more wines by the glass and the consumer the ability to drink wine(s) over a number of days. The convenient size will work in most settings and accommodates 750 ml and magnum size bottles in a free standing model.

The commercial version of the Genesis system retails at $899 and the residental system at $499. Gas cannisters come with both models and additional IntelliCorks and cannisters can be ordered from the Genesis website.

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Steve Heimoff – A Fellow Blogger

IMG_1993-CropSteve Heimoff graced a receptive audience at Fog Crest Vineyards during their October ‘First Friday’ celebration reading from and signing one of his early books, ‘A Wine Journey Along the Russian River.’

The evening started innocently enough at the beautiful venue with the Indian Summer sun and lovely wines pleasantly warming everyone into relaxation. Steve was chatting in his easy manner with early guests, while Jérôme Chéry (winemaker), Rosalind Manoogian (owner), and Nessia Flugger (Director of DTC OperatioIMG_1986ns) poured Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from their Russian River Valley lineup.  Guests lounged as we do on a Friday night after a long week’s work enjoying savory and sweet crepes from Ultra Crepes, signing the ‘guest book’ wine barrel, and strolling the rose garden.

If you are not familiar with Steve Heimoff, this was the short biography that Jackson Family Winery offered in May 2014 when they announced that Steve joined them as  Director, Wine Communications & Education.  “Heimoff joins Jackson Family Wines after 22 years at Wine Enthusiast Magazine, most of them as California Editor. Previously, Heimoff wrote for Wine Spectator Magazine. Born in New York City, Heimoff moved to San Francisco in 1979 to attend graduate school and it was there that he discovered and nurtured his passion for wine.  Heimoff has written two books for University of California Press: A Wine Journey along the Russian River, and New Classic Winemakers of California: Conversations with Steve Heimoff. In addition, his daily wine blog,, is one of the most widely read in the country.” Steve is a journalist and someone that most, if not all of us that play at writing look to as a role model on the right way to approach this trade!

DSCN1909I was star-struck asking this journalist for his autograph. I had met Steve briefly at the Russian River Valley Pinot Classic and purchased his book after he read an excert during a seminar. In reading The Journey, I realized that although I had lived and studied wine in Sonoma County for almost 40 years, I still had volumes of research to begin to understand our beautiful wines and vineyards.   A small lull in the activity left Steve alone for a moment while James Manoogian (Fog Crest owner) secured another glass of Pinot for him. I took my chance to slide in unnoticed. No such luck!

DSCN6515-SmAs I handed Steve my book, the Fog Crest media team bounced in and said ‘smile,’ camera in hand. Recovering from the surprise photo, Steve was asking my name which I knew, including the spelling, but then the guillotine fell as he asked what do you do? I polite, friendly question, not meant to accuse someone who for the first time in so many years was without a well-defined profession. I blurted out that I was a wine blogger and cringed at having said it outloud to him.  Steve smiled kindly ignoring my obvious discomfort started writing. Imagine how horrified I was to read the inscription he returned to me – now I have an obligation, a responsibility to write clearly, and produce content that matters, if I am to be anyone’s fellow blogger, especially Steve’s.

DSCN6213For everyone else, it was a wonderful evening, Steve went on to regale us with stories of how he almost died twice traversing the Russian River on his own personal discover during the writing of his book.  The Russian River is our Loire, our Rhône, our Rhine, our Mosel, our Douro – it is our wine river, the one that tells the story of our people, our climate, our geography, our culture, and our wines. It is a terrific little book!

Fog Crest Vineyards hosts ‘First Friday’ throughout the year; I would highly recommend stopping by to visit this venue, try the wine, and perhaps bring along a book to read while you are relaxing on the patio at sunset.

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