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Photo ~ Wine FollyOn June 22, 2015 the Napa Valley Wine Academy with Summertime in a Glass presented Sauvignon Blanc Wines from Sonoma County & Napa Valley with Varietal Expert Michael Scholz, Winemaker at St. Supéry and Moderator / Sommelier Christopher Sawyer.  Bonus Pairings following the Single Varietal Tasting by Chef Julie Hoskins of  Unexpected Chef.

Christopher Sawyer (an internationally-renowned sommelier, wine educator, journalist, consultant, critic, public speaker, and wine judge) will be leading a blind tasting of thirty (30) Sauvignon Blanc wines from Sonoma County and Napa Valley with the expertise of Michael Scholz, St. Supéry winemaker and Sauvignon Blanc advocate.

IMG_4008Wines were served in three (3) rounds of ten (10) wines.  Each round was blinded with full wine / winery information following each round.  The goal of all of our Single Varietal Tastings is to showcase the terroirs and winemakers in Sonoma County and Napa Valley.  The wines we present during this Single Varietal Tasting Series are meant to be food-friendly and we encourage Sommeliers to talk about how the think they would pair with the cuisine in their restaurants and wine bars.

All rounds will have a mixture of Sauvignon Blanc styles to keep it interesting, but are always presented from lowest to highest alcohol within the round.

Following the three rounds of tasting all of the wines will be available for an optional and informal second taste and Chef Julie Hoskins of Unexpected Chef will be providing three small bites for you sample, including 1) Curried chicken salad on pita chips, 2) House-made cheese crackers with goat cheese, peach preserves toasted almonds, and 3) Salmon mousse in cucumber cups.

IMG_4007The facility is graciously provided by Napa Valley Wine Academy (America’s Premier Wine School in the heart of Napa Valley) and is available for rent for groups along with Riedel glassware.  Please ask if you need any information.

Summertime in a Glass (SIAG) is an advocacy and information group that seeks to promote, educate and entertain wine enthusiasts and the industry itself on the world of Sauvignon Blanc. They strive to do so by being informative, yet never too serious or dogmatic. Sauvignon Blanc is known as a great food wine but many styles also make for great “porch wines.” A recipe card for Sauvignon Blanc pairing has been provided by SIAG.

We will be hosting additional tastings throughout the year, including Grenache in September and Petite Sirah in November.  If you are a winery that would like your wine showcased or a sommelier actively working in a Northern California restaurant, please feel free to reach out to me directly ( to be invited.

The Sommeliers felt that the wines were of excellent quality, the ones that paired best with the Napa Valley cuisine were the ones that were the least minipulated.  Both tropical and herbal notes within the varietal presented well and many food options were considered for all wines, except those with residual sugar.  No wines were judged in any manner, but the goal was to educate our Sommeliers on the local terroirs producing this varietal and the winemaker styles, so that they could be knowledge about their presentation of these varietals to their restaurant guests.

The extensive wine list presented at our June tasting included the following wines / wineries, including a ringer from the Loire Valley in France.

Winery Year Wine Name Percent
Sauvignon Blanc
Other Varietal(s) Appellation Sub Appellation Vineyard  Retail Alcohol
Alpha Omega 2013 1155 94% 6% Semillon Napa Valley Alpha Omega Estate Vineyards  $40.00 14.1%
Benziger 2013 Paradsio de Maria 100% Sonoma County Sonoma Valley Benziger Sonoma Mountain Estate Vineyard  $35.00 14.1%
Bodkin Wines 2014 Musque Clone 0% 100% Sauvignon Blanc Musqué North Coast Russian River Valley 75%
Lake County 25%
 $24.00 13.8%
Comstock Wines 2013 Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sonoma County Dry Creek Valley Comstock Estate Vineyar  $24.00 14.3%
Corner 103 2014 Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sonoma County Sonoma Valley  $25.00 14.8%
DRNK Wines 2014 Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sonoma County Sonoma Valley Kunde Family Vineyards  $20.00 13.7%
Dutton Estate 2014 Kylie’s Cuvee 100% Sonoma County Green Valley of Russian River Valley Shop Block, Dutton Ranch Estate Vineyard  $23.00 13.9%
Eric Kent Wines 2014 Cuvee Renee 100% Sonoma County 50% Dry Stack , 50% Fallenleaf  $31.00 14.2%
Frog’ Leap 2014 Sauvignon Blanc 100% Napa Valley Rutherford  $22.00 12.1%
Groth 2014 Sauvignon Blanc 93% 9% Semillon Napa Valley  $20.00 14.0%
Gustafson Family Vineyards 2013 Estate Sauvignon Blanc 80% 20% Sauvignon Blanc Musque Sonoma County Dry Creek Valley Old Sheep Bar Block (Gustafson Estate Vineyards)  $22.00 14.1%
Haechi Cellars 2013 Dreamstar 100% Napa Valley  $24.00 14.1%
Hall Wines 2014 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 100% Napa Valley Melange of Vineyards in Napa Valley  $30.00 14.5%
Herb Lamb Vineyards 2013 Two Old Dogs 100% Sauvignon Blanc – 1/3 each clones 376, 530 and Sauvignon Musque Napa Valley Yountville Mello Vineyard 13.8%
Laila 2014 Blueprint Sauvignon Blanc 100% Napa Valley Crocker Vineyard – St Helena
Farella Vineyard  – Coombsville
Rewa Vineyard – Coombsville
 $40.00 14.5%
Loire Valley 2013 Domaine de Villargeau 100% France Coteaux du Giennois  $25.00 12.5%
Overland Wine 2013 Kick Ranch Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sonoma County Kick Ranch Estate Vineyard  $25.00 14.5%
Passaggio Wines 2014 Russian River Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sonoma County Russian River Valley Gianquinto Vineyard  $28.00 13.0%
Pech Merle 2013 Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sonoma County Dry Creek Valley Valhall  $19.00 14.7%
Pedroncelli 2013 East Side Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sonoma County Dry Creek Valley Woods and Dutcher Crossing Estate Vineyards  $14.00 13.4%
Quintessa 2014 Illumination 32% 52% Sauvignon Blanc Musqué, 16% Semillon 62% Napa Valley 38% Sonoma County  $45.00 14.2%
RedCap 2013 Sauvignon Blanc 90% 10% Semillon Napa Valley Rutherford Alsace Vineyard  $27.00 14.5%
Saini 2014 Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sonoma County Dry Creek Valley Saini Estate Farms, Clone 1  $18.00 13.5%
Selby 2014 Sauvignon Blanc 95% 3% Semillion 2% Muscat Sonoma County Russian River Valley 95% Brooks Vineyard, Russian River Valley
3% Semillion, Russian River Valley
2% Muscat, Russian River Valley
 $17.00 14.2%
Selene 2012 Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sauvignon Blanc (Musque selection) Napa Valley Carneros Hyde Vineyard  $28.00 14.1%
Smith Story Cellars 2014 Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sonoma County 65% Sonoma Mountain 35% Knights Valley  $25.00 13.3%
Spottswood 2014 Sauvignon Blanc 73% 27% Sauvignon Musque 40% Napa Valley 60% Sonoma Mountain Spottswoode Estate Vineyard
Farina Vineyard, Sonoma Mountain
Hyde Vineyards, Carneros
Ink Grade Vineyards, Howell Mountain
Pelkan Vineyards, Knights Valley
Stagecoach Vineyard, Atlas Peak
 $38.00 13.9%
St Supery 2014 Estate Sauvignon Blanc 100% Napa Valley Dollarhide Estate Vineyard  $20.00 13.5%
Twomey 2014 Sauvignon Blanc 100% 52% Napa County
48% Sonoma County
Calistoga, Oakville, & Russian River Valley Twomey Calistoga Estate Vineyard, Oakville Estate Vineyard, Twomey Healdsburg Estate Vineyard  $25.00 13.7%
Vaughn Duffy 2014 Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sonoma County Russian River Valley Hopkins River Ranch  $22.00 13.5%

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