1111 Wines

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or simply appreciate a glass of good wine now and then, you must know more about the 1111 wines. These wines come from a Napa winery and are the product of small and limited production, so you should grab one while you still can. The whole idea behind the creation of these wines is that they were not made for profit. They were made out of a passion for wine and dedication toward obtaining an exquisite taste and flavor. As its creators say, the 1111 wines are the result of work that unrolled for 10 whole years. Finally, the ideal wine reached the bottles and is now ready to spoil the senses of wine lovers and curious alike.

11 11 Wines

Where can one taste these wines? This Napa winery can be found shortly after you exit the city of Napa, on the Trancas Avenue. Here you can find the Barrel Stop Winery, a location that was saved by the 1111 wines company from going bankrupt and now it serves as the best place for wine tastes. It is worth mentioning that the creators of 1111 are Aurelien Roulin and Ellie Anest. The two met on an airplane while traveling from France to Los Angeles. This was happening back in 2010 and these two quickly realized that they have quite a few in common when it came to wines and real estate. In other words, they were both interested in quality in these two sectors, so they decided to join forces and do something great together.

It appears that the long, 11-hours flight was constructive for these two, as they managed not just to create a successful business, but they also managed to obtain an incredible wine assortment. The wines produced by their Napa winery are actually made by the grapes grown in the two vineyards they own, located in the district of Oak Knoll. One of the vineyards has Cabernet Sauvignon planted on its entire surface, while the other vineyard has varieties like Riesling, Syrah, Malbec, and Merlot. For the making of the 1111 wines, nothing was made in haste. Every grape was carefully selected and picked by hand so that only the best grapes ended up being part of these wines. All the berries ended up in pure oak barrels, where they were left to ferment for 18 months.

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The result is wines with a balanced yet decadent flavor, rich in flavors, and correctly made according to the grape varieties that were used. It is enough to open one single bottle and you will immediately sense the beautiful perfume. You will want to taste it for sure, as your sense will want to experience every part of these wines. If you want to find wines that best represent the local tradition and flavor, these wines are the best ones to try. Try them in the relaxing and charming atmosphere of the winery, together with some complimentary cheese assortments, and take some home with you. There are high chances you won’t want to part with these wines once you will taste them.