Although pot wine has been around ever since people decided they wanted to be high and tipsy at the same time, it has gotten more official lately by entering the marketplace. Cannabis wine is the latest product from many wineries and winemakers in California.

Nowadays, it is gaining a lot of popularity in states all over the country thanks to various wineries that produce it. You should note however, that there are two different types of cannabis-infused wine and they are generally divided into psychoactive and non-psychoactive categories.

Psychoactive Cannabis Wines

As the phrase suggests, the psychoactive cannabis wines have all the ingredients that are available in normal cannabis. These wines have small amounts of THC and they are non-alcoholic. So, while such wine will provide all the effects that are usually offered by THC, you won’t get a hangover. When it comes to selling psychoactive cannabis wine, Rebel Coast Winery is one of the popular wineries in the country.

Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Wines

Cannabis Wine

These variants of wine are also created from cannabis however, they don’t contain THC. Non-psychoactive wines are made with the primary purpose of maintaining the therapeutic and medicinal properties of both normal and cannabis wines without any of the psychoactive properties. The wine is infused with cannabinoids in order to achieve this.

This results in wine that is a viable alternative for other sources of cannabis which is a great news for individuals suffering from arthritis as well as cancer patients. When it comes to selling non-psychoactive cannabis wine, CannaWine is one of the popular wineries in the country.

How Does it Compare to Other Wines?

Cannabis Wine

Cannabis wines can look like normal wines or standalone wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, however they are infused with cannabis. Usually, wineries that produce these wines market them in the same way as normal wines. But how do they compare to other wines?

If you compare cannabis infused wine to other wines, the difference is quite obvious. In appearance, cannabis infused wine usually tends to be cloudy with sediment present. At first, the nose tends to be ashy however you will quickly notice other aromas. Rebel Coast’s Sauvignon Blanc has a citrus scent while CannaWine’s red has a fruity fragrance.

Furthermore, cannabis wine tends to have slightly herbal notes and mild tannins instead of the bong water taste that many first-timers would expect. Red from CannaWine has floral notes while Sauvignon Blanc from Rebel Coast is acidic with a crispy finish.

Where to Purchase Cannabis Infused Wine?

Purchasing cannabis wine might be a little tricky. For starters, it is only legal to purchase in California. Furthermore, in order to purchase it, you need a medical marijuana license. It is illegal to infuse alcohol with weed in most states, even in states like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington where recreational use of marijuana is legal.

As for the two popular cannabis wine products mentioned in this article, you can purchase Sauvignon Blanc from cannabis stores such as Torrey Holistics in San Diego. On the other hand, Red from CannaWine is only available in California and requires a medical marijuana license. You can also find cannabis wines online.

Cannabis Wine
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