Infusion of cannabis into different types of beverages is an age-long practice. There is re-emergence of weed wine made of wine and cannabis, knowns as Cannabis/Marijuana wine. Cannabis wine and its usage is not a new trend; it was in existence many years ago, but recently it is gaining importance among lovers of wine. Cannabis wine, also known as pot wine or canna wine, is a cannabis-instilled wine.

Cannabis wine is a dealcoholized wine made out of the dash grapes and cannabis edibles.  Cannabis wine has excellent taste compared to other cannabis consumed products. The wine is made with an infusion of wine grapes and CBD edibles. All cannabis wine consists of the traditional wine recipes induced with marijuana weeds. The new cannabis wine is a way that lovers of marijuana swap from smoking to taking their weed in liquid form. It is a good alternative for those who don’t like to smoke but needs edible cannabis. You can trust marijuana wine for a decent banquet and dinner because of its unique fragrance and flavor. It also gives a lasting jolly effect in just a sip.

Dealcoholisation involves removing the alcohol from the wine before infusing the cannabis. The wine is dealcoholized to introduce a different sense of taste, flavor, and texture from the marijuana. Dealcoholized stills retain the properties of the wine.

Marijuana wine goes through many production processes. There is the traditional method of merely incorporating the smoothly blended weed into the wine base liquid. The other technologically-inclined process is called emulsion. This process involves the use of modern technology called nanoemulsion technology. With the emulsion method of making marijuana wine, you retain the taste, smell, and texture of the wine without the infusion of unnecessary flavor, aroma, and color. The emulsion is a better and effective process to get a well-distilled weed wine. The emulsion process is done with the blending of oil-based and water-soluble cannabis solution into the red or white wine. The technology inclined distiller can extract and stabilize the CDB edibles.

Legal disclaimer
Before this time, alcohol production used to be illegal while there is an exception for consumption. Consumption, however, is legally endorsed based on medical evidence. Due to this exception, many consumers seek to use this excuse since marijuana is botanical medicine. Recently, some state laws are gradually permitting the production of mixed plants and alcohol drinks. The production, packaging, and marketing are allowed by some rules, but cannabis wine has to be dealcoholized.  Dealcoholized wine must follow backings; production must be according to laid-down laws as allowed by the wine companies’ territories. This procedure is to enable marketing and sales without legal hurdles.

Alcoholic effects of marijuana wine
You should be careful while combining CBD edibles with other alcoholic wine, especially when they are the personally infused ones. Both alcohol-based wine and marijuana wine consist of intoxicating properties; therefore, a proper proportion should be infused, especially for beginners. The resultant effects of consuming cannabis wine differ among people. It might be safe to consume appropriate measures as your body can take. Most importantly, producers should also understand that various persons are taking the products hence the need for varied dosages during production. In essence, CBD edibles in wine take time to metabolize than smoking cannabis, so each consumer should understand their body and metabolism.

Functions of marijuana wine 
Wine blended with CBD edibles are highly psychoactive, anti-stress, and has enduring spirited and ecstatic effect. They highly improve your mood, ease the effects of physical or mental stress, and leave you in high spirits.

DIY Cannabis-infused wine
Marijuana wine is available for purchase at any dispensary. You can save yourself some amount of money if you attempt these DIY recipes and methods at home.

Teabag method
With the tea bag method, you can brew your cannabis-induced wine using any bottle of your favorite wine and marijuana seeds. Before adding the weed to the wine, ensure that you decarb the weed.

Boiling method
With the boiling process, you don’t need to decarb the weed, simply finely grind the weed and then add to the wine. The boiling should be done for almost 1 to 2 hours.

What is Marijuana Wine?
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