Like most things, wine cannot last indefinitely. Once you have opened the bottle of your favorite wine, you only a few days to enjoy it before it goes bad. To preserve it a little longer, you must seal it properly and keep it in the wine refrigerator. Don’t use the original cork to seal it. You can use a plastic wrap, a rubber band, or a stopper in its place. This takes care of preserving it for a few more days but the important question is, why does it go bad in the first place? Read on to find out.

Why Does Wine Go Bad?
There are two primary reasons why good wine goes bad. The first reason is the oxidation. Oxidation is a process that turns wine into vinegar by oxidizing acetaldehyde into acetic acid. The second reason is when all the ethanol molecules (alcohol) are consumed by the acetic acid bacteria and turned into acetaldehyde and acetic acid. The leftover product leaves the wine with a sharp vinegar taste and smell. Both of these culprits are chemical reactions and the best way to combat and slow down the processes is to store them in a dark and cool place e.g. a wine refrigerator.

Signs of Wine Being Spoiled
Not all wines are the same. That’s why the resulting product from the above-mentioned chemical reactions may vary. Following are the common tell-tale signs that your wine has gone bad:

Manure or barnyard smell (caused due to bacterium known as Brettanomyces).

Cork differences (e.g. wine leak is visible or the cork is pushing past the rim).

Unwanted and discolored bubbles.

Wet dog or damp basement smell (the result of ‘cork taint’ which is caused by chlorine-based cleaners when they come in contact
with the wood).

Smells/tastes like onions, rotten eggs, or sauerkraut.

How Long Does the Unopened Wine Last?
If stored properly, unopened wines can last much longer than their stated expiration date. This is true for CBD wine as well. Most wines are good for a couple of years past their expiry rate. Fine wines can last even longer if cellared. In fact, they can last decades under the right conditions. The amount of time the unopened wine can last depends on its quality, type, and storage method.

How to Extend the Life of an Opened Wine
The best solution of extending the life of an opened CBD wine is the obvious one: put the cork securely back in and store it in a wine refrigerator. However, if the bottle of wine is particularly great and you want to enjoy it to the last drop, then you have other options available. One option is vacuum pumps. But experts say that they are not any more effective than the cork method. If you are really serious about extending the life of your opened wine, then you should use inert wine preservers. These are specially designed canisters that use argon gas or nitrogen/argon blend to prevent oxidation, hence preserving the quality of wine much longer than the other methods.

Why Does Good Wine Go Bad?
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