For many years, wine insiders reviews were the basis on which the best wines were determined. A lot of professional critics of wine have laughed off the idea of the crowd having an understanding of wine, talk more of even knowing how to rate it. A popular wine insider by name sees crowd wisdom as drastically deceitful, especially on wine review forums like Delectable and CellarTracker. Professional wine insiders assert that the people who read the peer online reviews and use these forums are subject to personal preferences and also the latest trends. They also feel that a professional wine insiders review is more accurate and valuable since the crowd happens to lack the training and expertise and are biased.


It’s about time we all come to terms with the fact that the true critic is the crowd. This does not only apply to the wine industry. Virtually every industry today has begun to realize how powerful collective opinion is in decision making. The crowd is now the king and you’d find them everywhere from TripAdvisor and Glassdoor to Amazon and iTunes. However, one must admit that crowd opinion is not totally faultless.

Why The Crowd Is Important

Being that editorial columns for wines happen to be going into extinction following the preference for the internet, there has been a significant drop in the number of wine writers in the past few years. With a very low number of existing wine insiders, there is absolutely no way that professional wine insiders reviews can do justice to all the wines out there which leaves a large number of wines with no expert evaluation.

This has brought to light the fact that the crowd is probably a more reliable option. Wine insiders reviews are expert ratings which are based on the perception of the critic at that point in time. However, peer online reviews mostly base on the average of a wide range of opinions. Although these opinions may not measure up to a professional critic’s opinion individually, they happen to be more consistent.

What The Evidence Reveals

According to the evidence, wine insiders reviews do not have as much value as crowd wisdom. This is to say that the opinion of a valuable crowd of educated and passionate people from various backgrounds weighs far more than a single-shot opinion from an expert.

This is not to discredit wine expert views but instead to point out that the crowd is now becoming more involved in wines as much as experts are too. Yes, it is possible to make one quality judgment but one single opinion about something so subjective in nature may never be superior to multiple opinions aired at different points in time, under differing circumstances, and by different individuals.


With scientific findings and public opinion now more established, saying that wine insiders reviews have more value than peer online reviews could be very much incorrect. Obviously, the crowd rules the world of wines.

Wine Insiders Reviews VS Peer Online Reviews