If you have always wanted to avoid the taste of vodka or the waiting period to feel the buzz of drinking your drink, you may want to try alcohol. Yes, it is now possible to breathe alcohol to get drunk. But no matter how high you feel, the Vapshot will be very different from the hot belly sensation you feel after taking an old picture in a bar.

The Vapshot (pronounced “vape shot”), which comes with a complete kit for vape spirit at parties and at home allows you to pour your favorite drink into a box, put a needle in something that looks like a Bottle of water and unscrew the top, you have alcohol vapor to breathe.

What it does is provide a faster way for alcohol to enter the bloodstream, allowing you to instantly feel the buzz without having to take the time to drink liquor or beer. While all of this sounds perfect, the Vapshot also costs $ 699.00 (stainless steel version, it’s $ 899.00) it seems like something that only the rich can wish to lose. And if it simplifies the consumption process is still involved; it could really make it difficult.

Inhalation of alcohol by a vaporizing device (“vaping”) has been largely covered by the information over the last five years. Vaping with alcohol usually involves heating a wine or liquor in a closed container until most of the liquid evaporates and then inhaling the resulting vapor. In 2017, 24 states banned the sale, purchase or use of alcohol-based fumigation devices as a direct result of this perceived risk, and five other states restricted the use of these devices in commercial establishments.

Choose your poison

The first step is to choose the alcohol you want to use. You can use any type of alcohol, vodka, whiskey or rum, and you probably know that it differs from the liquid form. Who knows, you could love even better. Open the lid of your Vapshot mini and pour it inside.

The risks of breathing alcohol

As in most cases of smoking and/or alcohol, this practice presents its own dangers. On the one hand, the inhalation of alcohol can be even more dangerous than the simple consumption, because it penetrates directly into the bloodstream, thus avoiding the stomach and the liver. This makes it much easier to take an overdose of alcohol than if you drink it. Moreover, it is impossible to vomit something that you have never consumed; Vomit the way, too much tequila mixed with your dinner are the way your body protects you from alcohol intoxication.

However, most vaporizers like the Vapshot Mini are pretty safe. Steam in a single bottle is only 1/60 of the shots, Vapshot observes, so it would take several puffs to really feel the buzz. The company defends its site: “Vapshot … contains very little alcohol, but enough to give you an instant buzz and make you feel like you’re drinking a shot of liquid alcohol, but because it only represents a fraction of the amount, it lasts only 15 minutes.”

But take it with a grain of salt: although it may be hard enough to evaporate dangerously drunk (you should take several sips at a time), always try an incredible risk. If you do not have the money and the desire to experiment with new and strange futuristic products, staying on the cutting edge of technology is the best way to get drunk.

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